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Founded in 1985 in Nottingham, the Business Learning Foundation have built an impressive and loyal client base. Our partnerships are built by consistently delivering outstanding development solutions and working in close collaboration with our clients, resulting in us becoming a leading UK and international training provider.

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ILM Approved

Being an ILM approved centre not only offers clients the option of an accredited program in either management development or business coaching, but it shows the high level to which we operate.

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Welcome to Management Training Courses UK

Welcome to Management Training Courses UK - A specialised website from the Business Learning Foundation (BLF) devoted to management training and management development. Established 25 years ago, we have provided management training ranging from individual delegates attending our open courses, right through to bespoke management training solutions for some of the UK's biggest organisations.

Take a browse through the site and see how we can help you with your management training needs. Alternatively, use our online contact form on the right of the page or call us on 0844 800 3295.

Worldwide Training

UK, Europe and Worldwide Management Training and Leadership Development

Our trainers frequently provide management training, leadership development, team building and business coaching sessions for companies and organisations all over the world.

Our international clients frequently commission repeat in-house training sessions for new employees or those changing roles as business circumstances change and new opportunities are identified.

To find out more information about some of our past work, why not visit our client feedback and our management training case studies pages?

Why is Management Training Important?

Good management and leadership is essential if a business is to maximise its potential and achieve its goals. From armies to football teams, no matter how good the individual is at their role, as a unit they will be nowhere near as effective as they could be if they don't have clear objectives and motivation. Similarly, managers also need to have clear management objectives to work towards fulfilling.

Today's management training courses recognise the fact that managers need to be a combination of 'managers' and 'leaders'. Managers are typically those who determine the firm's goals and come up with methods for achieving those goals. Leaders are the ones who motivate the workforce and inspire them. Successful managers always have a talent for both.

What Sort of Areas Does Management Training Cover?

The role of a manager covers a number of different areas, and accordingly there are management training courses which provide a good overall knowledge of how to manage effectively, as well as other management training courses which focus more specifically on a certain area such as project management, time management, change management, recruitment & selection and discipline & grievance.

Both existing and new managers will already have some of these skills. Management training is vital for the development of the particular areas in which the person has little knowledge of, or is weak in. This is why first line management training is so important for new managers. Also, with the business environment changing so quickly, it is important to receive regular management training to keep abreast of the latest changes and developments, and to make sure the individual's skills are as sharp as ever.

Why Should I Choose You For My Management Training Needs?

We have over 25 years' worth of experience in providing management training solutions; either through open courses or by way of tailored, bespoke management training programmes for some of the biggest companies in the UK, and even the world. Take a browse through the site and see how we can help you with your management training needs. To get in touch, please use our online contact form on the right side of the page or call us on 0844 800 3295.

Management Training and Development e-Books From Pansophix

Pansophix have a range of management training and development e-books available for individual purchase or as part of a library.

Pansophix have a range of management training and development e-books available for individual purchase or as part of a library

With an ever growing library of management training and management development e-books, Pansophix, part of the Business Learning Foundation, commissions passionate authors to write about their topic of choice. Written as Useful Guides they interact as workbooks to embed the learning, making the particular management training specific to your job role.

The Useful Guides relevant to management training cover a variety of different subjects and areas pertinent to the role of a manager. These include issues such as assertiveness, interviewing, motivation, mentoring and health and safety issues. They are ideal either on their own or as a companion to courses provided by our various training divisions including business coaching training from the Business Coaching Foundation and health and safety training by Associated Training and ATC Risk Management.

To visit the Pansophix site and see the full range of management training and management development e-books, please click on the Pansophix logo above.

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One of the hardest skills for any new manager to learn is the art of delegation. As the manager is the one who will get the blame from their superiors if a project or process goes wrong, many are reluctant to put their faith in others to complete the task, preferring to try and do it all themselves so they can keep control of the whole thing.

The reality is that the manager will not be able to do everything themselves, otherwise there would have been no need to hire those employees in the first place! But whilst delegation is important, and is taught on many management training courses and programmes, it is a skill which is only really mastered through experience and learning to trust those that have been hired.

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