Maximising Cash Flow, Sales & Profitability


Maximising Cash Flow, Sales & Profitability Training Course

The aim of this one-day programme is to give managers a chance to review tactics, tools and techniques and to develop or confirm their action plan to take their business through difficult and challenging times.

This programme is designed for busy managers and those professionals who are responsible for sales and financial matters without necessarily having the job title or qualifications to match. The content is delivered in an easy-to-understand way, speaking your language and enabling paricipants to review options, identifying ways to maximise existing sales, profitability and cash flow.

During the day we will explore practical tactics and approaches to map your existing business, identify and reviewing key financial inflows and outflows and look at existing sales strategies, tactics and look at techniques to improve profitability, creditor control and ways to get the monies owed to your business.

Course Duration: 1 day (9:30am - 5:00pm approx)

CPD Value 5.5 Hours

This course is run by our partners PTP Training.


  • Tactics and techniques to map the business and identify constraints and opportunities.
  • A chance to review the sales and marketing actions for their business.
  • Practical review of existing business approaches.
  • Personalised set of key messages and actions.
  • Action planning to bring about improvements.

  • Course Syllabus

    The syllabus of the Maximising Cash Flow, Sales & Profitability course covers the following:

    Module One

    Introduction and course objectives.

    Module Two

    Optimum performance model; key characteristics of successful people and successful businesses. A tool to enhance people and business performance.

    Module Three

    Mapping the business; looking at a way to map the inflows and outflows of cash and how to make cash work to support the business.

    Module Four

    Understanding financial reports (assets, liabilities, income and expenditure; the profit & loss account; the balance sheet; the cash flow statement; cash and profit and associated key performance indicators.

    Module Five

    Confirming your market; making the most of what you have, spotting new ways forward.

    Module Six

    Making and closing the sale: Reviewing the selling models that work in your business.

    Module Seven

    Proactive credit control and cash collection; a sale is not a sale until the money is in the bank!

    Module Eight

    Summary and action plans.

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    Unfortunately this course is not currently scheduled for anymore dates in 2016, but will be available in 2017. Dates to be published shortly.


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