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Read below for information on our team development programmes and how it is often the poorly performing teams that are most reluctant to admit that they need help...

In the late 19th and early 20th century the gateway into America - the Statue of Liberty - was, and is still, a famous iconic emblem that articulated: - "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

So it is that we are carrying on that legacy on behalf of any and all leadership teams that are, 'tired', performing poorly and yearning for some respite.

Most leadership teams benefit enormously and improve their performance by reviewing their strengths and correcting as many of their weaknesses as they can. However, after 25 years experience in this field we have recognised that the majority of management leadership teams that commit to this process are those that are already in a fairly or very healthy state and performing well.

Who Needs Team Development?

Ironically those teams that need it the most - the groups that are underperforming or downright dysfunctional - rarely commit to such an intervention as commissioning a team building programme or leadership team review. The cause of this is likely due to high task orientation and a lack of leadership or effective management training. But the net outcome only too often is poor performance, loss of money/profits, a miserable culture and a sense of futility within the team members.

New teams need to work together

When a merger takes place or a new team is formed, the value of conducting a leadership team programme bespoke to any scenario or circumstances, is always enormous. A prime example of this is a specific category leader of Unilever who insists on commissioning a high impact and very focussed team development programme when he takes charge of a new team, and always every year as a refresher to ensure they are robust enough to deal with the pressures and challenges they face. The net result is that his current team of 2 years has won the Unilever 'Growth Award' for those past 2 consecutive years. This is a hugely prestigious accolade in very difficult trading times. It is, of course a great reflection on excellent leadership skills and superb commercial acumen on behalf of the team members. Even though they are spread throughout the globe and only meet up intermittently, they are all quick to agree that by having these bespoke team building programmes it enhances their performance and keeps them focussed on the priorities that optimise their deliverables.

If only newly formed leadership teams or groups that are not getting on well - due to a lack of cohesion - had the mind-set to look for a remedy; the way a person who is not feeling well will go to the doctor, or at least a pharmacist, in order to alleviate their suffering enough to function effectively.

How Can We Help?

This is an area we at the Business Learning Foundation have a great deal of expertise in. If you belong to a leadership or management team that is always falling short of target; losing quality team members or just feels unpleasant to be a part of - then you have everything to gain and not a lot to lose by calling in the leadership team experts. We have already developed a very effective template and have delivered this team development programme to suit many unique leadership teams and sometimes highly unusual team dynamics, all over the world.

The ideal time commitment is 3 days (2 overnights), but shorter versions can often be devised, or more strategic schedules can be fashioned to be work-friendly. Including residential costs the total commitment is less than £10k for up to 10 people!

Teams which pull together can be the difference between success and failure

It is always very successful and highly effective - turning dysfunctional groups into well coordinated and cohesive units. It accelerates the expulsion of negativity and ill-feelings within certain groups that inadvertently advertise their distressed state to other departments and, all too often, clients! The process is very straight forward but innovative in approach. It is actually very enjoyable and is very efficient in breaking down barriers that cause a potentially successful team to break out of their downward 'tail-spin'.

So please bring us a 'tired', dysfunctional, newly-forged, exasperated and/or ineffective leadership team and within 3 days we will return them exorcised, with new vigour, collaborative and most of all ready to face down their demons that obfuscate their progress towards performing well for your organisation.

Whatever the management level they may be.

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    See below for a selection of our past and current clients at the Business Learning Foundation:

    Team Development Feedback

    "Phil [Dickson] and Associated Training* (see below) did everything in a very professional and focused manner, without losing sight of the overall aims or having 'fun'. When I moved to Airbus UK and subsequently European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS), I had no hesitation in recommending Phil and the team to deliver the required training and team events.

    Without doubt Phil and his team are excellent providers of training, to suit even bespoke requirements, and i would not hesitate in recommending the team to any business in the future."

    _Glenn Brown, Systems & Expertise Manager, EADS Personnel Service

    *The Business Learning Foundation was formed as a result of the merger between Associated Training & Consultancy and the Business Coaching Foundation.